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The Total Home Declutter Spreadsheet

The Total Home Declutter Spreadsheet

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Declutter your space and simplify your life with our comprehensive Total Home Declutter Spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is designed to help you create a peaceful, orderly environment by efficiently tackling clutter.

With our spreadsheet, you can address your clutter room by room or category by category.

It allows you to systematically work through your home, tracking your progress along the way.

Our intuitive setup helps you quickly decide which items to keep, donate, repair, sell, or toss using straightforward questions.

This process ensures you can effectively manage and reduce your possessions, making clear decisions without the stress.

For items you choose to keep, the spreadsheet includes specific sheets to help you know exactly where everything is stored for easy access later.

Whether you live in a snug studio or a large house, our spreadsheet is versatile and adaptable.

It comes pre-loaded with decluttering tips, but you can customize these to fit your specific needs.

Why not set a goal to declutter a different area each week and watch as your space transforms before your eyes?

The Total Home Declutter Spreadsheet is simple to us, requiring just the free Google Sheets app, and it comes with complete instructions to get you started immediately.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive a PDF with a link to access the spreadsheet through your Google account.

Remember, this is a digital product that’s available instantly after purchase. You can also download or print your spreadsheet anytime to keep a physical record of your progress.

Get ready to experience the joy of a clutter-free home with the Total Home Declutter Spreadsheet. It’s the key to a beautifully organized space!

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Good tool

Good way to see our progress with decluttering